After going on WIX today,I realize that it is easy to use and the design is great.

Below is its specialty:

  1. It works on web browser, without installing any apps software.
  2. Operate under HTML5。
  3. Can build for any platforms includes PC and mobile. Website suits any screen size.
  4. It built in simple data management. Including: Blog, E-shop product list, pictures folders etc.
  5. Can go in to the website through its own sub-domain, and it will not show the website is design using WIX.
  6. Can build simple online e-commerce system.
  7. Includes a variety of templates design that can be chosen by users.
  8. Provide simple invoice form for users.

WIX is very suitable for:

  1. Less complex content update station.
  2. Content exhibition station.
  3. Activities grouping station.

Potential possibility:

  1. As website designer can we use WIX as the main platform?
  2. As a independent operational website manager, is it possible to create a connection to WIX?

Recommend improvements:

  1. Not suitable for website that would like to increases and update its content, due to complex operation and with no admin accounts.
  2. It is hard to categorize in the websites.
  3. Over emphasize on the idea of what you see is what you get, it should include other choices, such as:  first fix data, automatic search for appropriate themes for clients to choose from. This kind of models is more suitable for clients with complex ideas that lack the understanding on the exterior design of the website and coincidently WIX processes expertise in exterior design of websites.
  4. Overview, the current income comes mainly from advertising, if provide free sales services, I believe it can benefit from this side of services. From B2C to B2B2C.


With ever changing and evolution of technology, this type of technical service provides people with more convenient management model. This is a surprising breakthrough, at the same time it provides unlimited competitive pressure for competitors. Because of WIX, it causes a sudden decrease of skills for most CMS users. But on the other hand, WIX is also a very good model for competitors to learn and reference.

wix1 wix2 wix3 wix4 wix5 wix6 wix7 wix8

 Welinker Node

12 Free website builder appsite今天研究了一下wix,发现用于简单站点的前端建设真的很好用。


  1. 完全基于浏览器,不需要安装任何软件。
  2. 操作基于HTML5。
  3. 可以建设包括手机,平板以及台式机浏览器在内的多屏幕自适应站点。
  4. 内置了一些简单数据管理。包括:blog,网店产品目录,图片库等等。
  5. 可以通过注册自己的域名来获得独立访问,从而让人看不到站点是用wix建设的。
  6. 可建设简单的网店等电子商务系统。
  7. 有丰富的主题模板可供选择。
  8. 提供简单的表单定制功能。


  1. 内容更新不频繁的企业信息站点。
  2. 内容展示站点。
  3. 活动聚会站点。


  1. 作为网站建设服务商是否可以利用wix作为原型站点展现?
  2. 作为独立运营的网站站长,是否可以用wix快速建设站群获得自己站点的外链入口站点?


  1. 对于内容不断增长的文章型站点,由于操作过于复杂而且没有用户权限管理,因此不合适。
  2. 很难做分类目录类型的站点。
  3. 过于注重所见即所得编辑,应该有另一种选择,即:先定数据,自动寻找适合的主题并供用户选择。这种模式更适合那种有内容有思路需求但是不懂外观设计的用户。而外观设计恰恰是wix所擅长的。
  4. 从外观看,目前主要收益来源于广告,如果提供零售代理合作服务,相信在收益方面会有一个突破。即从B2C转向B2B2C。



wix1 wix2 wix3 wix4 wix5 wix6 wix7 wix8





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